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Mock Driving Test

If you live in one of the areas we cover we can conduct a mock driving test for you, regardless of whether you are taking driving lessons with us, with another driving school or with your parents/friends.

The driving lesson lasts for 90 minutes and includes a briefing before the practice driving test, the mock test itself (which lasts 40 minutes) and a debrief afterwards.

The mock driving test can be carried out either in your own car (subject to insurance and suitability) or in our dual-controlled automatic car. The fee for the mock test is £60 regardless of whether it is conducted in your car or ours.

Why should I take a mock driving test?

Are you ready for your driving test?

Hopefully your trainer (driving instructor, parent, etc) won't encourage you to apply for your practical driving test until you can drive safely with competence and confidence. But the driving test is not like a driving lesson, just as a school or college exam is not like a normal classroom lesson. In an exam you have limited time to demonstrate your knowledge and exam nerves can play a major part in determining the result no matter how well you know you subject. This is why mock tests are important as part of your mental preparation.

  • Are you unsure about the test procedure?
  • How will you feel driving with a stranger sitting next to you?
  • Have you practised driving in near silence for 40 minutes? (it feels very different when the person sitting next to you is only giving directions, not feedback or encouragement!)
  • Are you sure you are driving independently? (Are you making all the decisions, or is your trainer still guiding you sometimes - perhaps without even realising!)
  • Do you really know what to expect in the driving test?

If you have concerns like these then a mock driving test will definitely help to calm your nerves by improving your knowledge of the test procedures, and giving you a chance to experience the different atmosphere of the drivng test. This will allow you to be better prepared for the real test and feel more in control because you know what to expect and can concentrate on driving rather than wondering!

The mock test is carried out under similar conditions to the real driving test and at the end of the practice test you will be given a copy of the DL25 Driving Test Report, along with the explanatory notes and a full debrief on your performance in the mock test and any areas you need to address before taking your real test.

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Call/Text 07342 978650 now to book your mock driving test in Fleet, Church Crookham, Yateley, Hartley Wintney or any of the other areas listed above..

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